Actuarial Science & Risk Management, Department of Statistics, University of Karachi
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Job Prospects

In view of the booming Insurance & Takaful industry in Pakistan and its rapid development, job prospects for actuarial graduates are good. As far as our graduates are concerned, they are currently engaged as Risk Advisors, Risk Analysts, Actuarial Consultants, Research Analysts and Risk Managers in different financial sectors like banks, Insurance, consulting firms, accounting firms and others financial bodies that involve assessment of risks and uncertainties.

Since risk is the key factor in monetary market places like insurance companies, the banking sector, investment and consultancy firms, accounting firms, financial institutions, stock exchanges etc, majority of actuarial professionals work in these places, and are often equivalent to the integral part that makes the inner machinery run smoothly. While working in insurance companies, they are involved in underwriting policies, designing financial and pension plans and ensuring that these plans are maintained on a sound financial basis. In addition, they analyze interest rates for life, casualty and property insurances and estimate the money to be set aside for claims that have not yet been paid. They are highly respected and well paid and often secure senior management positions in organizations as their judgments are heavily relied on and well honored.